Webinar | 23 May | 12:00 CET

Easy Start in Service Management: How Not to Trade-off Your Growth

"Sami works at Efecte as a sales manager in charge of SaaS solutions. Previously, Sami worked at Lataamo Group as an account manager in marketing solutions. He also has a background in event marketing and sales of technical products. Sami has extensive experience in IT service management, sales and customer relationship management."

Sales Manager, Efecte Plc
Sami Salomaa

"Jonne is experienced in designing and implementing service management systems. He enjoys designing solutions that set the foundations for efficient service management. Due to his background in industrial engineering and performance management, he is eager to link business aspects to service management solutions. In addition to designing solutions, he helps customers to implement and develop service management systems."

Product Manager (ITSM), Efecte Plc
Jonne Kauko


In today’s economic climate, choosing a new Service Management solution can be challenging. IT and business teams face the pressure to modernize for increased productivity, yet budgets are tightening, demanding maximum efficiency. While off-the-shelf SaaS solutions may seem appealing due to their affordability, they often fall short in functionality. On the other hand, enterprise solutions may offer extensive capabilities but at the cost of complexity and unnecessary expenses.

Efecte Service Management offers the best of both worlds: a flexible platform that meets your Service Management needs today, and expands to cover other business areas and needs when you’re ready— all the way to Enterprise Service Management and Identity Management. 

Join us for a webinar where we explore how to kickstart your Service Management journey effortlessly without compromising your organization's growth potential. Learn how Efecte Service Management can help you navigate this terrain without giving up neither on efficiency nor security.

This is what you can expect during the webinar:

  • Customer Success Stories and Use Cases
  • Demos
  • Q&A

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