Efecte reimagines Identity & Access Management through their Identity Governance & Administration packages

Efecte reimagines Identity & Access Management through their Identity Governance & Administration packages

- Essential Identity & Access Management (IAM) use cases operational within weeks, not months

- Clear packages and growth opportunities for an investment that makes sense

- IAM and ITSM use cases from a single platform to foster agile development & expansions

- Modern admin interface and included end-user portal to heighten end-to-end experiences

Helsinki, 22 February 2022 - Efecte, the European specialist for cloud-based service management, today introduces their latest IAM approach, a new packetized Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) offering. The new offering includes three tiered packages: IGA Starter, Growth, and Enterprise, for different organizations’ needs and phases in the IAM journey. Efecte IGA Starter offers companies a fast, easy, and cost-effective entry into the world of IAM. With Efecte IGA Growth, organizations can deploy more complex configurations and, as their technical maturity increases, they can expand to Efecte IGA Enterprise and use the full scope of services.

Efecte originally launched IGA solution in 2019 to address a growing demand for a lightweight cloud-native alternative to traditionally heavily customized on-premises IAM solutions. “Practice has shown that organizations of every size prefer IAM solutions that focus on the essential use cases, that are quick and easy to implement, and can be managed with as little effort as possible," says Santeri Jussila, Chief Product Officer at Efecte. “Our renewed offer and especially the Starter package delivers exactly these benefits, lowering barriers to entry and making professional IAM attractive to companies of all sizes."

IAM has so far required expensive and time-consuming projects to materialize

Companies are more reliant than ever on the secure management of access rights and policies with cloud services and mobile workplaces. The demands of home offices and remote work, cybercrime, and new EU regulations have led companies and public authorities to push for the introduction of IAM solutions. However, due to large-scale customizations and system integrations, corresponding projects are usually very complex, costly, and time-consuming.

The new Efecte IGA packages allow organizations to start their IAM journey by reducing manual work and the risk of errors and security threats by automating requests, approvals, and removals. Organizations can expand to full user lifecycle management and governance to easily remain compliant with regulations and simplify the auditing process even when considering complex areas such as toxic combination management. Every package includes out-of-the-box workflow automations, real-time governance capabilities, and a self-service portal through which users can submit identity and access requests. Additionally, organizations will see a substantial increase in transparency: IT teams and management always have a central overview of the identities and permissions for all resources and stakeholders.

Efecte IGA is part of Efecte's cloud-based service management platform, which can be deployed flexibly within Efecte's own managed cloud offerings or most customers' corporate cloud services. Efecte IGA is available now.

You can read our IAM customer testimonials in Efecte | Customer Cases | Customers are in the center of everything we do

A free demo can be requested via Efecte | IGA | Identity Governance and Administration

The core benefits of Efecte IGA in a glance

  • Easy deployment and low cost of ownership
  • Unified solution for IAM and ITSM use cases
  • Automation to secure the organization’s business
  • Regulation compliance reporting and visibility
  • Easy to use IAM

For more information on Efecte IGA, please visit the link below:

Efecte | IGA | Identity Governance and Administration

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