Making a Difference: Efecte 2022.1

Making a Difference: Efecte 2022.1

We decided to start the year off right with our 2022.1 release and focus on fixing many of the bugs and areas that can cause the most frustration and often have gotten overlooked. We prioritized these improvements and bugs based on their ability to have the most significant overall improvement to user experience. While this limited the overall number of new features included within this release, we felt it was an important step as part of our increased focus on end-user experience and quality.

Some notable improvements are:

Extended number of visible nodes for line charts
XLSX format for excel export
Security improvements
  • Periodical and on-demand antivirus scan for file attachments
  • Upgrades to third party component versions (such as Tomcat, Hibernate)
  • Security improvements for excel exports
25 bug fixes related to:
  • Security fixes
  • UI-fixes 
  • Fixes related to translation capabilities and translations
  • Fixes related to graph views
  • Fixes related to excel export
  • Fixes to email formatting and attachment handling 
  • and many more!

Updating our UI

In addition to these general improvements and fixes, we have also included a major development to improve the administration of our AI feature, “Efecte Virtual Coach.” The new admin interface uses drop-down selectors to allow a simplified experience by no longer requiring admins to be concerned about attribute codes. End users will also see an improvement through the ability to view rich text content through the preview window before copying a data card.

But that was not all that we have been up to. We have also taken the first steps needed for the UI developments planned for release later this year and been working on our new self-service product. We will be posting updates about both projects to the Efecte Community throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for our latest developments.

Get the Complete Release Notes

To read about all of the features, improvements, and bug fixes included within this release, please see the complete release notes from the Efecte Community. If you cannot access the community or have questions about upgrading, please contact our service desk.

In Case You Missed It

Be sure to have a look at what was included in our last release: Efecte 2021.4!


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