Streamline IT Operations with Efecte Lansweeper Integration

Integrate Lansweeper's detailed asset insights into Efecte Service Management for seamless operations and enhanced cybersecurity


Leveraging Lansweeper and Efecte Integration

Efecte has developed an innovative connector that seamlessly unifies Efecte and Lansweeper's capabilities. This connector effectively bridges the strengths between Lansweeper's extensive asset discovery tools and Efecte's agile Service Management platform, facilitating a streamlined integration that elevates your IT operations to the next level. 

Utilizing the Efecte connector, you can directly integrate Lansweeper's rich asset data into Efecte’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This integration provides effortless access to essential asset information, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips for any service management scenario.


Integrating Lansweeper's asset discovery with Efecte Service Management streamlines operations, enhances cybersecurity, and boosts productivity. This synergy automates processes, reducing manual tasks. It speeds up workflows and automatically identifies vulnerabilities for efficient incident management, saving time and enhancing security.

Furthermore, Efecte's advanced reporting offers deep insights into IT infrastructure. Organizations can now conduct real-time analysis of assets, incidents, and performance metrics, providing unparalleled visibility and informed decision-making

Why Integrate Lansweeper Asset Discovery with Efecte?

Streamline operations

Seamlessly integrate Efecte Service Management with Lansweeper Asset Discovery to optimize service management workflows and minimize manual processes.

Enhanced Visibility

Decide which assets and fields are fetched into Efecte Service Management to gain comprehensive visibility into your IT infrastructure, seamlessly combining Efecte's capabilities with Lansweeper's asset discovery.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address potential issues before they impact operations by leveraging the real-time insights provided by the unified platform.

Cost Savings

Reduce IT costs and avoid unnecessary expenses through improved asset management and service optimization, facilitated by the combined power of Efecte and Lansweeper.

Improved Decision-Making

Empower your IT team with actionable data and analytics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for future development and improvement.

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