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Simplifying Service Management

Service management doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Find out how easy it is to improve all of your IT services with a SaaS-based service management solution from Efecte. Get a free trial of Efecte IT Service Management, Identity and Access Management, an HR Service Management to find out how to start improving your IT services today.

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Included in your free ITSM, IAM, and HRSM trial:

  1. Reporting an Incident from the Self-Service Portal (ITSM)
  2. Creating a Service Request from the Self-Service Portal (ITSM)
  3. Processing an Incident (ITSM)
  4. Creating an Announcement within the Self-Service Portal (ITSM)
  5. Adding a New User (IAM)
  6. Requesting Additional Access Rights (IAM)
  7. Re-Certifying User Access Rights (IAM)
  8. Creating a Kanban Board View of Entitlements (IAM)
  9. Request Trainng (HRSM)
  10. Create a Knowledge Base Article (HRSM)

Find out more about IT Service Management (ITSM)Identity and Access Management (IAM), or HR Service Managment.

An Agile Service Management Solution

Efecte is the European Alternative of the global SaaS-based service management tool providers. We believe awesome software can be designed, developed, and operated in Europe. We understand ITSM and IAM's unique requirements and the legislation and data privacy in Europe and believe in building lasting relationships with all of our customers based on trust, respect, and collaboration.