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"Dominique Olbrecht has been part of Efecte's German team since 2020 as a presales consultant. As an expert in the Efecte solution and thanks to his experience in ITSM and ITIL, he always finds efficient solutions for the requirements and challenges of our customers."

Pre-Sales Consultant, Efecte Plc
Dominique Olbrecht

"Jesse Uusitalo works as Presales at Efecte. He has worked with Efecte customers on both ITSM and IAM projects."

Pre-Sales, Efecte Plc
Jesse Uusitalo

Cross-department collaboration and data sharing are, unfortunately, among the problems modern companies are still facing. This, however, can be easily solved by implementing an agile service management platform that allows enterprise-wide expansion, data flexibility, and easy maintenance. 

In this webinar, we will take a look at the Efecte Service Management Platform and its new features. You will learn how to give your teams easy access to their interactions, information, and interconnections, as well as how to improve overall organizational output with the help of the virtual assistant, Gantt view, and so on.

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