Markus Bause

Keynote session at 1 pm– 1:30 pm CEST on 15th September 2021:

Do Agile vs. Be Agile

Radical change is taking place in organizations and businesses. In order to be competitive and actively respond to change, the topic of agility is high on the agenda of many organizations. Megatrends such as digitization, but also massive problems such as the Corona crisis are the drivers of this demand for agility and the resulting transformation. 
The desired agility promises higher productivity, faster and more successful projects, delighted customers, and happy employees. In an implementation, it then turns out that "Doing agile" and "Being agile" are completely different challenges and that "Doing agile" is far from sufficient to achieve the desired goals.  
Learn in this presentation what is important in "Being agile"

Markus Bause is the CEO of SERVIEW GmbH since 2006. He joined SERVIEW in 2004 as a Senior Consultant and has been largely responsible for growth and success in the market. "Passion stands for innovation, and that makes us one of the best in the industry", says Bause.

Markus Bause has extensive experience in strategic IT consulting and advising corporate clients. This involves issues of organizational development, the issues of IT governance, and the complex tasks of service management. His knowledge is based on his many years of experience as a consultant, coach, and trainer.

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