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Join the largest ITSM event in Europe

15 – 16 September 2021

Niilo Fredrikson

In our event last September, we sent out a wake-up call for European companies and the public sector to join forces to grow Europe as a more powerful player in the world of digital platforms.

This year we are extending the message to future doers – the up-and-coming talents who will be the key players in taking Europe to the next level of digitalization.

Riding the wave of digitalization, collaboration across borders, learning and growing business, and finding the best talent are needs we all share.

Digitalize & Automate 2021 brings together thought leaders, service management enthusiasts and students – all with the shared purpose of helping Europe prosper and grow in today’s world through digitalization & automation.

Keynote Speakers

Niilo Fredrikson

CEO, Efecte

Kirsti Laasio


Juhani Mykkänen


Johanna Småros

Co-founder & CMO, Relex Solutions

Markus Bause

CEO, Serview

Sarah Al-Hussaini


Hannes Kleist


Themes we will explore

Accelerate growth in Europe

We will have thought-provoking keynotes that cover important actions for European companies to drive growth with digitalization and automatization.

An expert panel will discuss how we can support our talent, nurture innovation and leverage technologies to succeed.

The global goliaths have been superior in commercializing and dominating key technologies such as cloud and AI. Now a new wave of European innovation brings more alternatives to the market. These new players can provide a better fit for local needs.

Digitalize and automate services

You will get tools for automating service processes in a way that improves efficiency and user experience.

We will lay out our vision for ITSM, ESM, and IAM for the years to come.

Join deep-dive sessions on how key customer processes can be digitalized and automated.

Learn key trends in service management such as digitalization and automation of routines, utilizing machine learning (AI) in problem-solving and what to expect of the next-generation online user experience

This event is a must-attend if you are interested in:

  • Collaborating to build a strong future for European digital platforms
  • Staying on top of the latest trends in digitalization and automation
  • Adding value and improving ITSM, ESM and IAM experiences
  • Managing your IT and business services efficiently, based on data and ITIL 4
  • Quick, easy, and compliant ways to improve your Identity and Access Management
  • Free opportunity for students to learn to digitalize and automate processes with service management tools

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Counting the days to the event

Information about the speakers and agenda will be added soon. Please stay tuned.