Efecte – European alternative

Niilo Fredrikson, CEO, Efecte

Niilo Fredrikson, CEO Efecte kicks off the day by sharing his thoughts about digitalization and automation and what it means to Efecte being the European Alternative to global goliaths in this space.

In a world where everything is provided as a service, digitalization, and automation of service work create an opportunity to build long-lasting prosperity and growth for the whole society. Organizations and individuals are looking for ways to provide better services more efficiently.

At the same time, they also look for ways to increase their agility to be able to respond promptly to changes in today's fast-changing business environment. Digitalization and automation of work, including the use of artificial intelligence, are essential vehicles to achieve these outcomes.

While technology is critical, at the same time, human experience is more important than ever. Human-to-human matters a lot, especially when talking about services. Improving employee and customer experience is high on the agendas for most organizations.

In the aftermath of globalization, local alternatives are welcomed in Europe and elsewhere as a way to address topics ranging from privacy and security to the ability to meet and be heard by the vendor's decision-makers.

Shared values work better than any agreement in ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes in the long run. Efecte's story as the European Alternative is one of being the David amongst global Goliaths. As we expand our reach in Europe, we are excited to partner with service organizations all across the continent.

We are humbled every day by the work our customers and partners do, leveraging digitalization and automation to create well-being and growth in their societies.



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