Digitalizing the Efecte customer experience

Steffan Schumacher, COO, Efecte

"Digitalizing and automating your customer journeys is a mindset: a new norm for an improved and personalized experience in a digital and social world. Serving your customer throughout the customer journey with digital means will help you provide better customer service, improve customer satisfaction, and help your internal teams become more productive. Being digital will give you a competitive advantage - your customers feel like they receive personalized, accurate, fast, and high-quality service in your interactions. We at Efecte are digitalizing our customer journeys and are using our Efecte platform as the cornerstone to do this - in this session. We will share what we have learned and how we will accelerate digitalization even further in 2020. The question to us is how we can leverage the technologies available today to reach the next level in customer experience tomorrow?"



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