Webinar: Whistleblower Directive - Going Beyond Compliance

Be compliant and create a safe working environment by promoting speak-up culture.

EU's Whistleblower Directive discussed from legal, HR, and technical perspectives.

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The EU’s Whistleblower directive is coming in December 2021, and with that, all companies with over 250 employees and municipalities with over 10 000 inhabitants must offer an anonymous way for employees, inhabitants, or stakeholders to report misconduct.

Complying with the directive does not only mean creating a channel for reporting, organizing case management, and organizing anonymous two-way communication. In addition, it also helps organizations to improve the working environment by lowering the barriers to report unwanted behavior.

In this webinar, we will discuss the directive and give ideas from Legal, HR, and Technical points of view.

What has led to the establishment of the EU Whistleblower directive and why is it important? What is the Whistleblower directive all about, who needs to act, and when? How to legally handle anonymous reports?

How to organize the processes, roles, and responsibilities for managing the reported cases? How do the reported cases help management to understand the organization, build culture, and lead with data?
What have we done at Efecte to facilitate reporting misconduct and make HR Services easily accessible for all employees?

How does Efecte’s Whistleblower solution work in practice? You will see a live demo of the solution. We also cover the typical questions we have received after demoing the solution to our customers.

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