The need for AI in ITSM

AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics in IT Service Management or virtually any software. It's understandable why companies and vendors are excited about the possibilities. It's an opportunity for new revenue streams and a differentiator. Customers buying this technology are interested in quicker response times, better employee experience, and substantial cost savings.

So why has it been so difficult for so many to reap the benefits?

This guide will present four of the most common areas of contention when it comes to AI and ITSM and gives some tips on how to make your adoption smoother. 

Here is an overview of the topics covered within this guide!


Maturity and readiness for AI revolve around two key areas organizational maturity and data maturity. Organizational maturity concerns your teams' skills and knowledge, while data maturity focuses on the quantity and, most importantly, your data quality.


AI will undoubtedly add value to your ITSM system, but where and how? With exciting projects such as AI, clear KPIs often get overlooked, causing headaches in the long run.


Typically, AI projects in ITSM revolve around reducing service agents' workloads and improving efficiencies. But is it really where you will see the most significant benefits? Why not think outside of the box instead of just copying your competitors.


Any IT technology, service, or system has security risks. AI is no different but also adds some new potential risks such as training and regulatory risk.

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