Efecte Self-Service

Self-Service Help Desk that improves operational efficiency and support services

Efecte Self-Service automates IT-routines:

  • Efficiency into an organizations IT- and other services
  • Automate routine tasks and let IT concentrate on more relevant work
  • Fast and efficient self-service that utilizes iconography

Cost efficiency is increasingly important in IT services. IT is expected to deliver more and with increased efficiency – with decreased resources. Efecte’s SaaS products for IT service management bring IT to the forefront of your business. Efecte Self-Service enables an organization to transform IT from a function supporting infrastructure into a function that delivers a competitive edge.

Efecte Self-Service is an ITSM solution that empowers your employees to help themselves instead of engaging IT help desk. Self-service is an intuitive portal that lets users easily solve many of their IT-related issues and order enterprise services and accessories without taking up the time of IT support or personnel service. IT automation and self-service functionalities are well suited for tasks such as password resetting, access management and device orders.

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Let IT concentrate on relevant tasks

When routine tasks are effectively automated and transferred into self-service, the IT-organization can concentrate on more demanding, urgent and relevant tasks. We help you carry out an analysis to identify which tasks should be automated, allowing personnel to work more efficiently. The competitive edge delivered by IT comes from being ahead, not from repetitive routines.

Deliver services instantly

Many frequently used services can be fully automated, like password resets, sharing cloud folders, managing email groups and distributing software. When service demand turns into immediate actions, employee satisfaction and productivity increases. This is not just limited to your own personnel, but you can also serve your customers through efficient automation and a positive user experience.

Make self-service intuitive

A simple and visual user interface with iconography encourages employees. Employees get faster service when reporting issues based on pre-defined categories and assets registered for them. The context-based UI shows what’s new and prioritizes content that needs the user’s attention. Employees can get service anytime and anywhere, since the solution is browser-based and fully responsive.

Create transparency

Through transparent ticketing, employees can track the status of their service request and see who the pending approver is. You can check which services and assets are registered for you in the enterprise infrastructure and assign requests directly to them.