Efecte Edge solution

The only Enterprise Service Management solution with embedded identity management

Efecte Edge is a service management solution that revolutionizes IT service management:

  • Automate enterprise Identity and Access Governance
  • Reduce cost of multi-vendor services with automation
  • Improve employee satisfaction with the intuitive self-service desk

IT and other services within an organization work best when both the requesting and delivery of services is made as easy and fast as possible. For IT management this means the single point of record for data and operations. For the user it manifests itself as an easy and enjoyable user experience. Efecte Edge, our enterprise service management solution, revolutionizes IT service management and elevates enterprise services to a new level through digitalization.

Efecte Edge™ is a future-proof enterprise service management solution. Efecte Edge helps organizations to maximize their productivity through automation of IT, procurement or HR services according to ITIL and SIAM frameworks. Efecte Edge consists of three pre-integrated enterprise solutions for Self-Service, Service Management, and Identity Management.

Effective reporting and transparency

The Efecte Edge service management solution boosts IT management performance through improved reporting efficiency and increased transparency in service demand, resource allocation and cost management. This unifies services and decreases the number of required self-service portals.

Up to date user rights

The management of user rights ensures that an organization’s user rights are up to date and in accordance to managerial and regulatory practices in place in the company. In the modern multivendor IT environment safe and efficient access control is of vital importance.

Unparalleled user experience

For the end user, Efecte Edge offers great usability and an easy and fast way to utilize the organization’s e-services. A fluent and smooth process makes up the basis for employee satisfaction.

The modular Efecte Edge expands according to needs 

Efecte Edge brings together the functionalities from three IT management entities: Self-Service, Service Management and Identity Management. In addition to IT services, Efecte Edge can be utilized in other internal services situations such as finance management, HR and legal services. You can expand your solution, taking new elements into use as needed. We will help you analyze and identify how your organization could get the most out of your solution.