Identity Management

Secure identities and access management

Identity management and access governance

  • Efficient identity management
  • Automated user provisioning
  • Multi-representation

Today’s identity management challenges are complex and primarily driven by access governance and manageability needs. The network of managed identities and applications is vast: employees, subcontractors, suppliers and even customers require access into the resources of a company. Identity management is one of the most important components of an organization’s security infrastructure. On the other hand, access must be easy and effortless. It is important that identity management facilitates rather than hinders daily work.

Efecte Identity Management offers a complete, single-product solution for managing the entire lifecycle of users. It’s an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that is designed to enhance your organizational performance.

When using the Efecte’s Identity and Access Governance (IAG) tool, signing up new personnel and service providers, selectively granting and terminating access to resources is easy and fast. Requesting, accepting, confirming and checking access rights to any application, information or IT service under a single identity speeds up the whole organization. With Efecte Identity Management targeted and individualized access management and any changes in vendors can be easily handled.

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Increase efficiency with Entitlement Management automation

With Efecte Identity Management, you can automate user management processes, substantially reducing the amount of manual work.

Single-Sign On for any Enterprise Service

Create a unified user experience and engage your customers more efficiently by supporting Finnish BankID, Google, Facebook or other trusted, third-party ID logins. Federate users with Federated Access Manager. Automate user provisioning during authentication and assign pre-defined permission packages.

Active Directory Automation

Active Directory (AD) Automation allows organizations to automate password reset in Microsoft AD for online domains, distribute software to devices with Microsoft SCCM and manage groups in Microsoft AD for collaboration and email distribution.

Entitlement Management Automation

Synchronize identity data and employment processes with HR. Automate user and entitlement processes, like onboarding and off-boarding for joiners, movers and leavers. Readily available processes for common use cases increase efficiency and decrease throughput time.

Fine-Grained Access Management

Expand traditional role-based access control (RBAC) and avoid role explosion. Define access controls based on any business attribute, such as line of business, contract-ID, supplier ID or location. Gain more fine-grained access with easier administration. Allow users to have multiple identities with on the fly switching of the current role they act in.

Configurable Entitlement Workflow

Customize standard processes per business unit. Configure multi-stage entitlement access request and approval workflows to meet your business processes. A pre-configured entitlement catalogue brings ease of use to business people.

Automate Governance

Optimize processes by defining business rules for identity and entitlement life-cycle events. Share re-usable best practices across the enterprise. Gain a comprehensive view and an audit trail of who has access to what.