Enterprise Service Management

Go beyond IT with the next generation Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management:

  • Enables value delivery also outside of IT
  • Reduces operational costs and improves performance
  • Improves collaboration between business functions

Let other business functions beyond IT benefit from the best practices and technology of IT service management. Enterprise Service Management is a great way to link all support functions to the business. Reduce the need for multiple solutions, maintenance, vendors and costs by unifying the fulfillment, catalog and automation of processes across business units.

Clear visibility into operations and performance

Boost enterprise services performance through improved reporting efficiency and increased transparency in service demand, resource allocation and cost management. This unifies services and decreases the number of required self-service portals.

Digitalize services

Increase employee satisfaction with a unified service integration and fewer self-service portals. Governance, demand, resource and cost management become transparent. HR, facility, health or procurement managers can achieve dramatic savings by digitalizing services with one of the easiest-to-customize SaaS service management solutions.