Edge for Single Sign-On

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Edge for Single Sign-On (SSO) enables authentication and Single Sign-on for web applications and online services. The identity management application can be utilized as a centralized Identity Provider (IdP) service for user authentication and authorization for online services.

Through the use of Edge for Single Sign-On, a company can allow users to authenticate easily with Windows Domain credentials, Facebook or Google accounts for easy user registration, provisioning and authentication. More traditional authentication methods like LDAP, local username and password, and Kerberos can also be used.

Edge for Single Sign-On can be configured to use a specific authentication method automatically, providing a seamless integration with a selected identity provider.

Password policies can be defined individually for different authentication methods, allowing password policy to be customized for each external system which utilizes account data.

Expand Access

| Support trusted third-party ID logins
| Multi-representation

Data Security

| Limited data based on authentication method
| Require secondary authentication

Work Seamlessly

| Reduce the number of daily logins
| Allow multiple role-levels simultaneously

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