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Increase employee satisfaction with unified service integration and only one self-service portal. Governance, demand, resource and cost management will become transparent with our easy-to-use HR service management (HRSM) solution.

Instead of phone calls and emails that need to be manually processed, common HR service requests can be automated, recorded, and channeled digitally from the self-service portal to the service management tool.

Manage common HR issues and requests in centralized queues visible to all HR employees across the organization for better resource utilization. Questions or unusual HR requests can be answered quickly through the self-service portal. Requests and cases can be answered by service providers or personally thanks to the knowledge management solution included in the service management tool.

Self-Service Portal

Our intuitive self-service portal enables organizations to simplify HR services, improve experience and deliver a competitive edge.

| Fast, intuitive and graphic interface 
| Guided offering linking multiple services such as on-boarding
| Self-help knowledge center for users
| Embedded approvals and company-wide announcements
| Easily customize or add any services to meet your needs
| Limit offerings based on price, role or any other chosen aspect
| A central location for all employees

Service Management Tool

The service management tool allows service providers to easily complete a variety of daily tasks. Users can easily react to or search for key information, review service levels, cases and automate repetitive tasks.

| Easily limit access with role-based permissions
| Sort data based on included information
| Instantly and visually review current service levels
| Graphic, customizable and searchable dashboards
| Visual reporting with exportable graphs and data
| Instant feedback and reporting
| Easily manage service levels, equipment and more
| Record key vendor information and easily manage budgets

Simple, Transparent, User Friendly

Improved Experience

| Single location for all requests, cases and information
| Easy communication and instant status updates

Performance Management

| Visual, real-time graphs for a variety of information
| Request, review and react to service feedback 

Resource Utilization

| Automation of repetitive task to increase efficiency
| Organize knowledge base articles surrounding all areas of operation

Cross-Functional Collaboration

| Easy escalation or redirection of cases to the appropriate individual
| Co-creation of online reports

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