Kirsti Laasio

Keynote session at 14:00 – 14:30 CEST on 16th September 2021:

Customer Experience – A Look into the Future

Great customer experience does not happen by accident.
Product and price can be copied, however great customer experiences make your company unique offering competitive advantage.

• How to design frictionless, convenient and effortless digital experiences?
• How to get your staff to think customer-centric? How to transform into a customer-centric company?
• How to help your staff to know how they affect customer outcomes?

To become a CX champion as an organization “You want to empower everybody and help everyone be accountable for superior customer experiences. You want to make customer insights visible and create an outside-in thinking in your organization. That's the recipe for success.'
To keep long term success, the key note also shares 5 tips to improve customer retention.


As a CXO Kirsti is a Customer Experience Management executive, a board professional, advisor, partner, and a keynote speaker with extensive international experience in building customer-centric brands, leading cross-functional teams, managing SaaS business and product portfolios for both B2B and B2C tech brands. 
Kirsti has a proven track record in successfully leading companies through internationalization and profitable growth, developing superior omnichannel customer experiences. She focuses on employee experience as well as transforming organizations to be more customer-centric and cost-effectively experience driven.