Efecte is lead by our Management Team that lives and breathes the company values. The Management team members are all seasoned professionals that drive customer value, encourage the entire company to try and succeed and strive for effective and lean collaboration. Our Management Team is very committed to leading the company to the forefront of reinventing the way people work together.

Sakari Suhonen

CEO (since 2013)

Sakari Suhonen is steering Efecte towards international growth. He is a visionary, who is both open-minded about the future and maintains a firm grip on strategic policy. Sakari, or Sakke as he likes to be called, is a team player, a down-to-earth leader who makes his presence felt. He gives one hundred per cent and is fully committed to Efecte’s success. Known as Efecte’s barbecue master, he is also a lover of good food and microbrewery beers.

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Timo Hyvönen

VP, Professional Services and Operations (since 2016)

Timo is heading the Professional Services and Operations unit at Efecte. With a lot of experience in service management and management consultancy, he has a lot to contribute for developing Efecte’s service portfolio. Timo is a determined team player, who’s not afraid to put himself at stake when working towards ambitious goals. In his free time, Timo enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with his family, in addition to being active in aviation.

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Anna-Mari Karhunen

Chief Marketing Officer (since 2015)

Anna-Mari Karhunen is responsible for managing the Efecte brand. Anna-Mari is an experienced digital marketing and sales professional, and she is highly ambitions about enhancing Customer Experience excellence in all touch points to serve company business goals. She is an out-of-the-box thinker, and brings a combination of creativity and strong execution power to her work community. As an energetic and out-going person, Anna-Mari enjoys sports and arts in their many forms in her spare time.

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Johannes Niemi

SVP, Sales Nordic (since 2013)

Johannes Niemi is in charge of sales in the Nordic countries. This expert in solution sales is relentlessly focused on providing customers with new and better solutions. He also communicates with and listens to his organization and ensures that he can keep his promises.  Johannes is never lost for words and offers refreshing perspectives, even in surprising situations. As a fire brigade volunteer, he also has quite literal experience of firefighting.

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Jani Ruohola

CFO (since 2007)

Jani Ruohola is in charge of Efecte’s financial management, figures, development of operative processes and compliance with good administration practices. He is a fast, analytical thinker. Jani is always willing to help, even when in a rush, no matter what indicators are in question. He is also an Excel wizard, who can give an answer to Excel questions in a nanosecond. To counterbalance working with figures, Jani enjoys speed, whether on a bike or motorcycle. One of Jani’s passions in everyday life is good desserts.

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Peter Schneider

VP, Products (since 2014)

Peter Schneider leads the Products Unit of Efecte. Peter is an international product management and product marketing pioneer with a relentless customer focus. Supporting innovative ideas from the team and applying common sense in complex situations, he coaches teams for international success with a hands-on attitude. As an open and fair team player he is a friend of straight talk and clear decisions. In his spare time, he is passionate about building his own log home in the Finnish countryside.

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