Our growth story

Efecte’s story began in 1998, when the company was founded under the name of Bitmount Systems Oy. Even then we laid the foundation for the company’s current service management software. Over the years Efecte grew and expanded its operation to other Nordic countries. According to the company’s assessment, it had become a leading IT services management software vendor in the Nordic countries by 2008.

In 2013, we decided to renew our strategy and move on to cloud-base operations model. The same year Efecte bought RM5 Software Oy, which today forms the basis for our current Identity and Access Management solutions. Sakari Suhonen was also appointed the company’s CEO that year.

The company started to build a cloud platform, which is not dependent on the solutions of major cloud platform providers, like Microsoft and Amazon. Thanks to this platform independence, clients can be offered numerous different delivery models. Ease of use is the main focus of software development. The company published its new Efecte Edge solution platform in 2014. After that, Efecte has gained over a hundred new clients, enabling a strong growth. In all, the company has approximately 300 clients.

According to the new strategy, we have transformed our business completely and moved successfully from traditional on-site software on to cloud service model as well as expanded into identity and access control solutions.

We have grown rapidly in the past years both in Finland and overseas markets. To support our international growth, we have also founded local organizations in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.