Visual Workflow Automation

Workflow and automation are crucial to an organization’s productivity and efficiency. Efecte’s Visual Workflow Automation tool brings more agility and flexibility to IT Service Management. Visual Workflow Automation facilitates agile team collaboration, removes the need for additional business modelling tools and increases in-house services automation.

Efecte’s Visual Workflow Automation introduces a unique transit-map design for visualizing workflows. The new design excels in clarity and simplicity setting a new bar for readability of workflows in the ITSM industry.

Visual Workflow Automation comes with a wide range of automation options ranging from simple manipulation of values to resolving complex conditions representing business policies. No coding skills are necessary to automate ITSM processes.

Products containing

Efecte Visual Workflow Automation Application:

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Key Functionalities

  • Brings more agility to ITSM
  • No need for any additional process modelling tools
  • Codeless in-house automation: no coding necessary
  • Modern user experience
  • Embedded validation helps to identify faulty workflows