Configuration Management

According to the ITIL framework, configuration management is the management and traceability of every aspect of a configuration from beginning to end. Real-time configuration management enables the efficient utilization and localization of enterprise assets. Configuration management and especially the management of relationships between configuration items improve the ability of IT Operations Managers to understand the dependencies and impact of single assets.

The Configuration Management application of Efecte Edge provides a holistic view of the enterprise assets. The flexible nature of Efecte Edge allows organizations to create their desired templates for asset and configuration management. The self-service portal of Efecte Edge can pull real-time configurations item information from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for concise incident reports and service requests. The Visual Analyzer shows at a glance the relationship of any configuration item to processes, individuals and other assets.

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Key Functionalities

  • Single point of record for all Configuration Items (CI) in the organization
  • Visualization of relationships between CIs, services and individuals
  • Management of application and integration ownership and responsibilities
  • Data federation and reconciliation of CI information from discovery tools
  • Inventory and change statistics reporting of CIs

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