Federated Access Management

Federated Access Management enables the use of already existing accounts that users use every day. There is no need to remember additional passwords and usernames. By integrating a SAML2 Identity Provider in Efecte Identity Management with for example ADFS, a company can allow users to authenticate easily with Windows Domain credentials and with oAuth 2 support built-in, for example Facebook or Google accounts can be used for easy user registration, provisioning and authentication. Authentication to Single Sign-On services configured to Efecte Identity Management can also use a specific authentication method automatically, providing a seamless integration with a selected identity provider.

Efecte Identity Management supports more traditional authentication methods as well, like LDAP, local username and password, and Kerberos. Password policies can be defined individually for different authentication methods, allowing the password policy to be customized separately for each external system utilizing account data provided by Efecte Identity Management.

Key Functionalities

  • Single Sign-On to enterprise services
  • Customization of delivered attributes
  • Multi-representation
  • Powerful synchronization engine that can import and export identity data between multiple different source and target systems

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